Fest of New Formats - Boratprov

Date: Thursday January 4th 2018
Time: 10:00pm - 11:00pm

As part of Festival of New Formats 2018!

With the success of PotterProv, Gilmore Girlprov, Riverdale: Improvised etc, we (Darth Vader Ginsburg) felt like we should be jumping on this bandwagon with our very own fan show. We needed a high-quality movie with a strong fan-base in 2017/18, so naturally we chose Borat. Very nice! Great success!

"This is so dumb" - Gary Rideout
"Are you KIDDING ME" - Aine Davis
"I hate this" - Peter Stelmach
"This is weirdly enticing."- Maria Hajigeorgiou
"Why?" - Most People

The Cast:
Sam Roulston, Ted Hambly, Alex Kolanko, Brittney Drysdale, Jason Reilly, Becky Gan, Patricia Tab, Nico Rice, and Christina Nicolau
Musical Director:
Lee Cohen