Fest of New Formats - Cards

Date: Friday January 5th 2018
Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Have you ever received a Holiday Card? A Valentine's day Card? A Birthday Card? A Flag Day Card? A Thank You Card? If so this is the show for you! If not get better friends and family, then come down to Comedy Bar for the Festival of New Formats 2018! I'm a hoarder and have kept every Card I've ever received and I bet some of you have too! I ask you to bring your cards to inspire an Improv Set!

During the show our players will draw your cards out of the Postmasters bag and READ THEM OUT LOUD! We will then do an Improv set based off of your card!

The Cast:
Coko Galore
Matt Nads
Emily Richardson
Sheri Anne Godda
Tom Hearn

CARDS is playing Jan 5th at 9pm FOR FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
CARDS is a new Improv Format created by Tom Hearn.