Character Sketch Class w/Kirsten Rasmussen

Date: Saturday January 27th 2018
Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Character Sketch Class with Kirsten Rasmussen.

This will be a three week character sketch workshop with Kirsten Rasmussen at the comedy bar.

Classes will be
Jan 13, 3pm to 6pm
Jan 20, 3pm to 6pm
Jan 27, 3pm to 6pm with a show this night at 6pm or 7pm. (TBA)

This class will focus on shaping and creating character sketches, or character monologues for the students. Each student will walk away with 5 minute set with min 3 characters.

Students will walk away with skils on character writing, character performance, brainstorming, and punch up.

Each character performance will be coached and directed by Kirsten Rasmussen.

This class is suitable for performers with at least 2 years of improv and sketch experience. Performers who feel inspired by solo work.

Workshop Price : $250
Class size is small. Space is limited.

Please email if you are interested. Please state your experience and your interest.