Zero Hour Improv Jam

Date: Wednesday January 10th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Welcome to Zero Hour Improv Jam, Toronto's friendliest improv show with a blend of Short and Longform Improv! We showcase the best Improv talent in the city. As a bonus we offer the audience a chance to perform in the show. Just put your name in the bucket at the beginning of the show for your chance to be onstage. First timers are welcome!


Funk Ain't Dead: (Russell Batcher, Cameron LaPrairie and Liam Murphy)

The Drop Outs: (Chanelle Berlingeri, Grace Smith, Linda Taillon , Harpreet Panesar, Neil Mathur and Trevor Tranter)

The Spread: (Tara Smylie, Stefan Battiston, Candice Lam, Billy Tran and Jenny Graydon)

Intimacy Issues: (Melissa Gerskup, Carley Thorne, Rob Michaels, Jackson Rowe, Chris Heijdens and Julia Haist)

Dumpster Kids: (Becca Zwick and Erika Ehler)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

$10 Tickets