Date: Saturday December 2nd 2017
Time: 10:00pm - 11:30pm

SHOWLO! Ya'll here for the gifts or what?!

CAN YOU BELIEVE its December!?! Warm up with some hot comedy at the Comedy Bar & Showlo! Get yourselves into the Comedy Bar Cab space and see the show people are calling "character comedy"

Come see this never before assembled group put it all on the line for you, the audience!

Showlo is a character monologue show with a special improv set at the end. Seems simple enough? Yeah... it is, you're right.

Hosted by: Nicole Passmore (BadDog Theatre)

Featuring performances by:

Jon Blair (The Beaverton)
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll (Baroness Von Sketch)
Erica Gellert (The Sketchersons)
Chantel Marostica (Workin' Moms)
Stacey McGunnigle (Second City Mainstage alum)
Franco Nguyen (NBC Universal Breakout artist)
Chris Wilson (Air Farce)
Celeste Yim (The Sketchersons)

Date: Saturday, December 2nd @ 10:00pm at the Comedy Bar - Cabaret Space (945 Bloor st. w)

Tickets are 8$
-- Buy your tickets online as the last several months have sold out!!