Comedy Bar Speaker Series feat. Allison Dore

Date: Saturday May 25th 2019
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Allison Dore is the founder of Howl & Roar records - a female-centric comedy record label that empowers artists and facilitates in the creation of content. She's the host of The Breakdown on Sirius XM Radio and the podcast Digging In. She is also a member of Women of Influence - an organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the workplace.
What will Allison be talking about: As comics we love to make up rules: who is allowed to call themselves a comic, what's funny, which way is the right way to do comedy. Through her experiences as a comic and podcast and radio host she'll talk about how to decide what kind of comic YOU want to be, and how to design a sustainable career using your unique point of view.



We've invited industry experts from Canadian film, t.v and radio to Comedy Bar to share their journey of a profession in the arts. Each week a new guest speaker talks about their influences, what challenges they faced (or continue to face) and successes they have celebrated. Each will have a unique perspective into their specific industry (film, t.v and radio). You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and network with other attendees.

Learn from Ben Miner (Host & Programmer on Sirius XM Radio), Barry Taylor (Managing Partner at Comedy Records) Allison Dore (Host of the podcast Digging In, Host of The Breakdown on Sirius XM Radio), Luke Gordon Field (Executive Producer at The Beaverton) and Elizabeth Bowie (Executive Producer of CBC's Because News)

More guest speakers will be scheduled in the fall!

There is no prerequisite to attend

Fee: $20 for general public or $10 for arts workers (please email to reserve an arts worker ticket)