AM I COVERED? The Art of Visual Storytelling Through Coverage

DATES: Saturday January 12 & Sunday January 13, 2019


COST: $300

"Am I Covered?" is the question directors ask their script supervisor most often. What they are asking is, 'have I got all the shots I need to tell the story visually, in a way that will cut together smoothly?'. In this intensive lecture, veteran script supervisor Daniela Saioni takes you through a detailed introduction to the director's task of selecting which shots they will use to tell their story visually while balancing the needs of art, budget/time, storytelling, the needs of the series (if it's television) and the needs of the actors.

From the basics of axis and screen direction and how to artfully play with those concepts to tell a story, to exploring transitions and camera movement and the logistics of covering multi-person scenes and familiar scenarios like dining room table, classroom and courtroom scenes, to analyzing the tools of the director, editing theory and different coverage styles, this course will get you thinking in a way that will up your directing game the next time you're in the chair.

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Do you have a story you want to tell? A script you think is ready to shoot? Or is it still an idea that’s rattling around in your head? Do you want to learn how to passionately articulate your vision for these projects as a director? Whatever the stage, your journey to unleashing your â€oedirector’s voice†starts with the discovery of your own story and why you are drawn to certain themes. Whatever the genre, powerful movies are often made by directors who are tapped into the personal. A director with a clear understanding of the underlying themes and the â€oebig idea†of their project can pitch their film/series with vision and professionalism. They are also more skilled at analyzing their script, seeing its flaws, and collaborating on solutions. This process helps them attract and recognize the right producer and creative team, teaching them skills that enable them to thrive in a team environment.

DIRECTORS BOOTCAMP offers up an effective method for directors to mine their understanding of story and themes, utilizing idea testing, story editing and personal skill assessment. Participants will learn to pitch their projects with clarity and passion, as well as understanding what they must bring creatively as directors to pre-production, production and post with tips on script breakdown, feasibility, casting and shot listing along with some insights on the horrors and joys of production.

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Course Cost: $200.00



 ANNIE BRADLEY is an in-demand film and television writer and director, an alumna of Sundance, The TIFF Talent Lab, the CFC Directors Lab and Women in the Director's Chair, her work has screened on five continents and garnered many awards. Her comedy feature The WBI just won Best Reserve Screenplay at the 2014 FEFF, and she's optioned two TV series for development this year. She's just directed 7 episodes of the sci-fi series Close Encounters, while developing a full slate of projects for her company The Heat Mansion. She's inspired students at Humber, LIFT, the Directors Guild of Canada, Sheridan, Raindance, the Weengushk Film Institute and Comedy Bar and in her spare time can be found attempting standup or singing with Beaver Jam on stages around town!

"Annie Bradley is fiercely inspirational in her work. She draws out the best in every student she works with"... Daniela Saioni - Writer

 DANIELA SAIONI has logged thousands of hours with over a hundred directors on a variety of budget levels in multiple genres and assisted in the creation, strategy and/or technical problem solving of coverage for film and television. She is also a professional actor and award-winning screenwriter who brings a thorough knowledge of the filmmaking process to her teaching and her work (see imdb for full credits). She has led workshops for organizations across Canada including: CrewCall Saskatchewan, Film Training Manitoba, NIFCO, WIFT, IATSE 873, ACTRA, the DGC and Raindance Toronto and has guest lectured at York University, University of Regina, Red River College, SIAST, Humber College and is the Script Supervision mentor at The CFC.

What They're Saying:

"Thank you for making such a complex and thought provoking class so thoroughly accessible." - Sandra S.

"Thanks so much for the course. It was illuminating and inspiring! So much to soak up. Plus your energy is warm and approachable!" - Chris D.

"Enjoyed the class immensely. You gave me a lot to think about and the ‘axis’ discussion was very enlightening". - Nicole D.

"This class is fantastic! I'd highly recommend it. I took it last year and use the lessons all the time!" - Diana G.